About Us

Blue Scilla CranioSacral

Blue Scilla CranioSacral (formerly Blue Scilla Restorative Healing), was founded by Lisa Wolfe-Schacter in 2017. We offer CranioSacral Therapy to all populations: infants, children, and adults in all stages of life. We believe in an integrative approach to wellness and can happily coordinate multiple-hands (more than one therapist) sessions as well as refer to other highly trained specialists. We are truly excited to support you and your family in your journey towards health and wellness.

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COVID-19 Practices & Precautions

In order to keep my clients, myself, and our families safe and healthy, I have and continue to put the following practices in place:

  • I am vaccinated and boosted

  • I will wear an N95 mask when working on clients and latex free gloves and a face sheild when doing inter-oral work.

  • I will have no-fee rescheduling when clients or I experience close contact, show symptoms of illness, or a test positive for COVID

  • I will openly communicate with my clients when I am not feeling well, have been exposed, or should I ever test positive for COVID

  • I will be allowing for extra time in-between appointments to properly and thoroughly clean and sanitize

Current clients can expect verbal and/or written updates to these practices as the pandemic conditions continue to evolve.