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Lisa is a very compassionate, warm person and it's a joy to be her client. She takes her time, is really thoughtful, gives great input on things I can do to help my body, and is a wonderful craniosacral therapist. I have a full body high after a session with her. Highly recommend!

Renee K.

Lisa treated my son for torticollis starting when he was 5 months old. She was A-MAZ-ING! He was already in a helmet by the time we found out about [CranioSacral Therapy] and man, I wish I learned about it sooner. Lisa's treatments not only sped up the process of when he was projected to be out of the helmet, but his feeding got better and so did his sleep. If you are on the fence about whether or not you should take your infant to her...DO IT! We love you Lisa!

Amy C.

Lisa is an amazing person to work with. She worked on my middle son, who was about 7 at the time, to help him with his anxiety and emotions. He looked forward to her sessions, as did I and they really helped to calm and ground him, which made dealing with his daily anxiety that much easier

Becca K.

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